Swachhata Pakhwada (1ST TO 15TH September 2021)


Fit India Movement Celebration Week(2020)

The Following activities were performed by students  and staff online for Fit India Movement and video on Nutritional diet was circulated  to classes 9th to 12th by Pooja Makhija (Well known Nutritionist)

Day 1. Free hand exercises
Day 2. Yoga exercises
Day 3. Video on nutrition
Day 4. Chess 
Day 5. Fitness drills
Day 6. Favorite games skills

Fit India Movement:

To develop the Sports Quotient among the students under the banner of Fit India Movement,CBSE endeavour  to alter the behaviour from Passive Screen Time to Active Field Time .Shiv Jyoti Public School steps forward to take the responsibility to instill in its’ students the understanding of regular Physical Activity and Higher Level of Fitness to develop self respect and confidence. With the support and guidance of worthy Management and Madam Principal Dr (Mrs) Ravi Suta, a week-long program was organised in the school campus.
 Yoga of students of 4th to 7th classes was taken up by Mrs Jeewan Mala on day 1 .
 Mass P.T.was conducted for  classes 3rd to 5th by Mr Parminder Vasran and Mr.Nirmal Singh .
Poster Making Activity  was done under the supervision of Ms.Rajni Malik and Mrs Kiran.Students displayed their creativity through the Posters.
Martial Art was taken up by Mr Nirmal Singh. He taught the girls how to do  Self defence .He gave them tips for daily practice.
Skipping Activity was organised  by Mr Parminder enthusiastically. He motivated the students to make it a routine habit to skip the rope. Students took initiative to weed the plants and to look after them.They cleaned the area surrounding the plants under the supervision of Mrs.Bhavna Sabharwal,Mr Parminder Vasran and Mr. Nirmal Singh.
 Poem Writing and Essay Writing Activity was done in the classes of 6th and 7th under the guidance of Mrs.Ritu Devgon.
Sports Quiz was organised in class 8th by Mrs Neeraj Sehgal. The students of class 8th enthusiastically  participated in the Quiz and learnt the importance of fitness in life .
Indigenous Games of state of Andhra Pradesh,Kabaddi and Kho Kho was played by the students in a school playground under the guidance of Mr Parminder Vasran,Physical Education Teacher .
Above all a lecture on Mental A Fitness was delivered by Madam Principal Dr (Mrs)Ravi Suta to 8th,9th ,11th and 12th classes .She told the students the importance of mental fitness how it is is playing the key role to maintain a balance in one’s life and how it helps to maintain the physical health. Thereafter Mr.Nirmaljit Singh threw light on the other aspect of Mental Fitness . He told students to alter some habits of the daily life and to make less use of gadgets,follow discipline in life. He further said one should make balance diet a part  of their life.The week long Activities were coordinated by Mrs. Bhavna Sabharwal.