Manager’s Desk

Hello, who is on the line?
I am Ahswani , calling from Amritsar. Can you please call Mrs. Sunita residing in the lane in front of your house? I want to talk to her.

O.K. Will you call again after some time as I am sending my servant to Mrs. Sunita’s residence.
Thanks. Then Sunita used to come, had a heartful of talks on telephone and my mother used to offer tea or lassi to her.

This was routine experience, sometimes irritating, with all of us (during our school going days) (who used to pick up black colour telephone, centrally placed and covered with a cloth in our residence of Kot Kishan Chand.) This telephone enjoyed privilege of being the only one in the street, just like our T.V.

And you all know and see the present scenario of tele-communication in our families.
Communication is very important among all the living beings. We observe this natural instinct in animals, birds and human beings. Lack of communication results in many negative traits like mis-understanding, un-happiness and tension in our family and society.

I congratulate the managing committee and the Principal for creating the web site of the school which will facilitate parents, students, old students, ex-teachers and everybody who wants to know the latest about the school with a click on his or her computer.

This facility will bring our school on I. T. map. It is indeed a giant leap in the field of education.

May God bless all.
Dr. Suvikram Jyoti